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Exact is the premier provider of business software in the Benelux, delivering ERP solutions for accounting, finance, ERP, HRM, and CRM processes, alongside sector-specific solutions. Control every aspect of your business processes with Exact software.

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Exact software is the number one ERP software for businesses and organizations within the Benelux. It represents a leap in ERP software for entities ranging from starting entrepreneurs and mid-market to multinationals. It encompasses everything from accounting to stock management, and from production to projectmanagement

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Exact Software Suite

Exact's comprehensive ERP Suite is tailored for modern business efficiency. It provides integrated solutions for business automation with on automating accounting, financial, ERP, HRM, and CRM processes. Harness control over your business operations with Exact's software solutions.  (the next pages are in Dutch)

Dynamic Add-ons for Exact software

Beyond financial products you can choose from different custom solutions across industries. Exact has specialized solutions for sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale, and services.

The CRM integration ensures real-time accessibility of financial data, customer information, and product details. Exact's software also seamlessly integrates with a variety of add-ons, offering unique connectivity and integration capabilities.

Webshops, banking, and sector-specific software are essential online services for modern businesses. Integrating these with Exact business software through add-ons is seamless. Visit the Advisie Solutions page for a comprehensive overview of our unlimited certified applications. Advisie Solutions pagina.  (in Dutch)

Innovative Exact ERP Solutions
Innovate with streamlining business processes

Exact Globe

Explore the innovative ERP capabilities with Exact Globe. The page is in Dutch

Exact Synergy

Facilitate effective collaboration with Exact Synergy, where all key processes are unified in a comprehensive solution. This page is in Dutch

Exact Financials

Leverage a multifaceted accounting application with Exact Financials, designed to bolster financial processes. The page is in Dutch

Exact Purchase to Pay

Revolutionize your financial department's administration with Exact Purchase to Pay. The page is in Dutch

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