Specialized business solutions for Furniture and Fashion

TRIMIT specializes in business solutions for the furniture and interior industry, fashion and clothing sectors. It assists in managing and growing your business. Revolutionizing ERP Software, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it extends the Microsoft ERP system with the specific business capabilities you need.

Industry-specific functionalities

TRIMIToffers software with industry-specific functionalities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. (pages are in Dutch):

Experience the benefits of TRIMIT like variant management, automatic generation of production orders, seamless automation of manual processes, webshop integration, and supply chain optimization.

Achieve more with fewer resources and increase your profits, without the worry of long implementation times, endless customizations and costly ongoing upgrades.


Cloud-based ERP Software

Avoid costly customizations of Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Business Central by switching to a flexible and easily configurable standard software solution in the cloud.

TRIMIT is specifically developed to address the challenges faced by businesses in the fashion, furniture and manufacturing industries. This ERP system can be tailored to meet your business needs anytime, anywhere.

Our TRIMIT solutions provide ready-to-use standard software solutions. With over thirty years of industry expertise, we effectively address the unique business challenges of your organisation and industrie.

The advantages of TRIMIT

TRIMIT brings modern, cloud-based solutions overcoming specific industry challenges. It replaces costly customizations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with a modern app that can solve industry-specific challenges. The benefits include:

  • Cloud-based solution, suitable for multiple devices
  • Shared investment in development
  • Rapid implementation
  • Continuity in data and user skills
  • Better control over IT costs
  • Individual settings via parameters
  • Individual adoption of functionality without programming

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Empower your business with TRIMIT Fashion

TRIMIT is an industry-specific ERP software for enhanced efficiency and profitability. Make your business successful with our TRIMIT Fashion solution. Opt for industry-specific software to make your daily operations easier, more efficient, and more profitable.

Manage and grow your fashion business with this ERP software, grounded in the quality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

TRIMIT Manufacturing the key to efficiency

With TRIMIT you get optimized material management and planning for growth. For every manufacturing business, having timely access to the right materials, clear inventory overviews, and efficient planning is crucial for future growth.

WIth digital order processing you and your colleagues know exactly what needs to be done. TRIMIT also offers smart and cost-effective solutions for full control over the financial aspects of your manufacturing business.

TRIMIT Furniture for streamlining  all processes

As a producer or supplier in the furniture industry, satisfying customers by offering a wide range is essential. It's crucial to coordinate and track all processes correctly.

TRIMIT Furniture is the answer: software that enhances and streamlines your business operations. This platform enables seamless coordination among all your staff.

Simplify variants with TRIMIT Configuration

TRIMIT offers effortless product and sales configuration management. If you produce or supply various products in different variants, you likely understand the complexity of managing these, especially when using multiple unlinked systems.

TRIMIT Configuration is a product and sales configurator that simplifies the product configuration process. These tools enable you to perform these tasks effortlessly.

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